Is Invisalign a Suitable Treatment for Adults?

young woman inserts her clear aligner to straighten her teeth

Are you considering orthodontic treatment but hesitant about traditional braces? You’re not alone! Many adults are turning to Invisalign as a discreet and convenient alternative to straighten their teeth. Check out our blog post where we explore whether Invisalign is the right choice for you.

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How Often Can You Have Your Teeth Whitened?

young woman wearing sunglasses and a head scarf smiles showing off teeth whitening results

The frequency of your whitening treatments depends on the type of whitening treatments you choose and the level of whitening you need. Read our blog post for what you need to know about teeth whitening sessions and the frequency you may need them!

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What Kinds of Alignment Issues Can Invisalign Solve?

young man smiles and holds up his clear aligner

Invisalign’s sleek design and easy use make it a great way to treat a variety of smile concerns, including bite and alignment issues. Read our blog post for a look at the alignment issues Invisalign can typically solve.

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What Are the Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

young couple smile showing off their cosmetic dentistry results

Stained, discolored, or worn teeth are likely to make it difficult to smile with confidence. Fortunately, the smile of your dreams isn’t out of reach when you opt for cosmetic dentistry. Check out our blog post for a look at some of the most common cosmetic dental procedures that can help give you your best smile.

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How to Get Rid of Surface Stains on Your Teeth

woman holds a hand mirror and looks at her teeth whitening results

Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you smile or talk? Do your teeth have pesky surface stains? Check out our blog post for a look at some ways you can get rid of those pesky surface stains and get back to flaunting your vibrant smile!

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Compared to Regular Braces, Invisalign Is a Step Above!

young couple smile together showing off their straight teeth

Think fast: when you’re asked to pose for a photograph, do you proudly flash your pearly whites? Or do you hide your teeth when you smile? If you’re in the latter category, we can help. Read our blog post to learn about Invisalign clear aligner therapy compared to traditional braces.

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Can Veneers Be Removed?

blond woman smiles showing off her porcelain veneers

For a truly dazzling smile, veneers are one of the best treatments that modern dentistry has to offer. Read our blog post to learn about dental veneers, including if they can be removed once they’re in place.

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At What Age Can You Start Invisalign Treatment?

young woman getting fitted for a clear aligner at the dentist office

Many pre-teen and teenage patients require orthodontic treatment to correct bite issues, alignment issues, spacing issues, and straighten crooked teeth. But some of them don’t want to deal with traditional metal braces and desire a more discreet look. Read our blog post to learn at what age you can start using Invisalign treatment.

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Questions to Ask Your Mooresville Dentist About Invisalign

woman smiles as she inserts her Invisalign clean aligner

Invisalign has the power to take you to a picture-perfect smile, and it’s no small decision to move forward with the procedure given the time and costs involved. Check out our blog post for questions you should ask the dentist about Invisalign.

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