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Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Read our blog post to learn 4 tips to properly care for your furry friend’s oral health. Make sure every member of your family has a smile worthy of the “pup-arazzi”. Contact our friendly office to schedule dental cleanings for all the 2-legged members of your family!

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5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun

If your family’s oral hygiene routine feels boring, check out our blog post to discover 5 simple ways to jazz it up. Our expert team is here to help you have excellent dental health. Is it time for your 6-month checkup? Come visit our friendly office—contact us to schedule appointments for your entire family!

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How to Fight Tooth Decay with Diet

You’ve heard that eating a lot of sugar leads to cavities. But you may not realize how big of a role your overall diet plays in determining your cavity risk. Here are a few changes you might make to your family’s eating habits: Drink More Water Beverages are a major source of the sugars that […]

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Take Care Of Your Family’s Teeth!

Mooresville NC Family Dentist

Different stages of life require different types of dental care. You wouldn’t expect your dentist to clean your infant’s teeth the same way he cleans yours. Nor would he care for your teeth the way he cares for your elderly parents’ teeth. It’s important to find a dentist that can take care of your smile […]

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Do I Need to See a Specialist for a Root Canal?

Mooresville NC Painless Dental Care

Root canals — also referred to as “endodontic therapy” — are the last line of defense when it comes to saving an infected or damaged tooth. Without this treatment, the only other option is usually having your tooth removed. Unlike fillings or crowns, an endodontic procedure can take a bit more time to complete; it’s […]

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Combat Tooth Loss with Periodontal Therapy

Mooresville NC General Dentist

Gum disease doesn’t just cause bad breath…it’s also the leading cause of tooth loss for our adult patients. Even if you’ve never had a cavity and brush regularly, you could be at risk of developing periodontal disease. Symptoms include: Gums that bleed when you’re flossing or brushing Receding gumlines (“long teeth”) Visible tartar buildup Problems […]

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Whitening vs. Veneers: Which Option is Right for Me?

Mooresville NC Cosmetic Dental Treatments

If you’re thinking of doing something to enhance the way your teeth look, two of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments to consider are teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Whitening is a Great Place to Start Lightening the color of your teeth is a great way to make your smile look younger. Professional whitening safely […]

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