Mooresville Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants offer a beautiful, permanent restorative dentistry solution to missing teeth. They look and function like natural teeth, and need routine care and repairs like your own teeth. If you have dental implants, our team at Curtis Family Dentistry can help you maintain the investment in your smile. We offer dental implant maintenance, dental restorations and repairs at our office in Mooresville.

A dental implant is designed to replicate a natural tooth. The titanium post is like the tooth root, connected to the jaw bone. The abutment and crown are the visible, functional parts of the tooth, just like the dentin, pulp and enamel of a natural tooth. The same issues that can damage any tooth can affect dental implants. Gum disease can cause implants to become loose, even lost, like natural teeth. The crowns can be cracked or broken with trauma or biting on a hard object.

At Curtis Family Dentistry, we help our patients with dental implants keep them in good condition with routine preventive care and repairs when necessary. While they require specialized services, dental implants should be maintained with the same fortitude as natural teeth.

Implant Repairs

Most often the repairs needed for dental implants are to the crown. Crowns break and crack, just like natural teeth and need repair. We can replace broken crowns on dental implants to restore your tooth and keep your smile healthy and functional.

Regular checkups and cleanings are a vital part of maintaining your dental implants. Our team at Curtis Family Dentistry will monitor the health and structure of your dental implants, restoring and repairing them as needed. With regular care, your dental implants can last the rest of your life. Contact us when you need a repair or when it is time for your routine checkup and cleaning.

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