When Are Dental Deep Cleanings Necessary?

young woman gets a deep dental cleaning from the dentist

We all know that routine dental cleanings are a key part of maintaining optimal oral health. But sometimes a more thorough deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, becomes necessary. Read more to learn about this procedure and how it might benefit you!

What Is a Dental Deep Cleaning?

A dental deep cleaning is a more extensive procedure compared to a routine cleaning. It involves two main processes: scaling and root planing. Scaling removes the plaque and tartar above and below the gumline, while root planing smoothens the tooth roots, making it possible for your gum tissues to reattach to the clean surfaces of your teeth.

How to Know If You Need a Deep Cleaning

The most common reason that we recommend deep cleaning is if we notice signs of gum disease. Symptoms of gum disease include inflamed gum tissue, persistent bleeding, tooth sensitivity, and chronic bad breath. Scaling and root planing improves your gum health by removing bacteria that lives deep under the gumline. Depending on the severity, one deep cleaning could suffice, or we may suggest a series of deep cleanings.

Benefits of Getting a Dental Deep Cleaning

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of a dental deep cleaning, you may question if it’s really necessary. Gum disease can really wreak havoc on your oral health, and a deep cleaning is one of the best ways to treat the condition. Take it from us, undergoing a deep cleaning is definitely preferable to letting gum disease progress unchecked.

Dental Deep Cleanings & Periodontal Treatment in Mooresville, NC

Maintaining healthy gums is critical to your overall oral health. If you’ve noticed signs of gum disease, schedule an appointment with the team at Curtis Family Dentistry today. We will develop a personalized treatment plan and discuss how we can prevent your periodontal disease from worsening.

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