How Long Does It Take to Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

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If you have a straight smile but are looking to achieve the total appearance of a new smile, whitening can be the icing on the cake! It’s understandable to be eager to start the whitening process to see results, leaving many to wonder, how long does teeth whitening take?

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Take?

Visiting the dental office for professional teeth whitening can provide instant results. However, the treatment time will vary depending on in-office whitening or take-home whitening treatment. For in-office whitening treatment, the average appointment time can be around an hour. Of course, if a patient has severe discoloration, then more time may be necessary to lift staining.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Besides enhancing the appearance of your teeth, professional teeth whitening offers other benefits. Some benefits of professional teeth whitening include:

  • Quick results
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Increase in confidence
  • Safety of the teeth & gums
  • Encouragement for oral hygiene care

How Long Do Teeth Stay White Ater Professional Whitening?

Patients that opt for professional teeth whitening can expect their teeth to stay white for at least six months or longer. While professional teeth whitening provides effective results that are longer lasting than over-the-counter products, it ultimately depends on the patient’s care.

If a patient takes proper care of their teeth with brushing, flossing, and avoiding food or drinks that easily stain teeth, they likely will reap the benefits of teeth whitening for much longer than a patient who isn’t as cautious. Whitening toothpaste and following up with dental visits can also increase the chance of teeth staying white for longer.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Mooresville, North Carolina

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