Composite Fillings in Mooresville, NC

Metal fillings and tooth repairs can discolor your smile and make all your dental treatments very noticeable. Composite fillings and dental bonding use white-colored resin to make repairs, keeping your smile white and hiding the evidence of repairs. At Curtis Family Dentistry, we are happy to offer durable composite fillings, as a part of our cosmetic dentistry services. These fillings can be used when decay is removed or for other dental repairs, helping keep your smile beautifully white. Amalgam has been a popular filling material for many decades because it is affordable and durable. However, the gray or silver appearance is very noticeable, even on back molars, and there are other concerns about using this filling option. Amalgam does contain mercury, and it can put more stress on teeth than composite resin. For many people, composite fillings are a better option for their personal preference regarding health and appearance.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin, that is used in white fillings and in dental bonding, is made from a combination of plastic and materials like glass and ceramic. It is soft when it is applied to the tooth, then it is cured with a light to change it to a hard surface. Composite resin comes in different shades of white that can be color-matched to your teeth, so repairs can blend with your smile. It can be used for traditional fillings, to change the shape of teeth, repair damage or cover discolorations. Composite fillings and cosmetic bonding offer a quick, painless way to improve your smile. The white resin is versatile in its many uses. It can help close gaps in teeth, fix chips and fill in missing tooth material. When used as a bonding material, resin can be used to cover dental flaws in similar fashion to veneers at a lower price point. To learn more about composite fillings and cosmetic bonding, contact us and schedule a cosmetic consultation with Curtis Family Dentistry.

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