Children’s Dentistry

Caring for your child’s health is one of your main objectives as a parent. Part of that equation is ensuring they have healthy teeth and gums. This is a vital part of their overall health. At Curtis Family Dentistry, we are honored to care for many young smiles by providing children's dental services to help them grow strong and healthy. You can trust our friendly, experienced dental team to take excellent care of your child and their beautiful smile. Children need special care for their teeth. From the moment the first tooth arrives, it is important to begin caring for your child’s dental health and smile. Baby teeth are only temporary, but they play a vital role in speech, chewing, and setting the path for the permanent teeth that will arrive. Our dental team helps parents and kids protect these important primary teeth. We teach good oral hygiene and monitor growth with routine checkups and cleanings.

We Love Your Kids!

Not all dental teams want to work with kids, but at Curtis Family Dentistry, we love the opportunity to have young smiles in our office. We enjoy making dental visits fun for kids, so they can grow up with no fear of coming in for their dental care. Dr. Curtis and our team make visits entertaining and interactive for kids. Even when a “scary” treatment is needed, we know how to put our young patients, and their parents, at ease to make the experience comfortable. Kids love our intraoral camera that shows them the inside of their mouth and keeps them engaged in their own oral health. If you are looking for a quality children’s dentist in the Mooresville area, come join our dental family at Curtis Family Dentistry. We welcome kids and their families, with convenient family scheduling and many services available for all ages. Our office accepts many insurance plans to make care affordable, and we offer payment options to fit your budget. Contact us today to schedule your child’s first visit to our office. We look forward to caring for their beautiful smile.

When should kids visit the dentist?

Kids should have their first dentist appointment around the time they turn one or when their first tooth grows in, whichever happens first. After that, they should visit the dentist as often as adults do, or twice per year. This allows our team to keep track of new developments, offer preventive treatments, and perform restorative procedures, if necessary. If your child is over a year old and has never seen a dentist, that’s okay! We’ll be happy to see them soon.

What services does my child need?

Curtis Family Dentistry creates custom treatment plans based on each unique patient. However, we typically recommend that kids have dental sealants applied over their molars and occasional fluoride treatments in addition to regular cleanings and exams. For older kids and teenagers, we can also discuss Invisalign® with you. Otherwise, the services your child will receive will depend on them and their specific wants and needs.

When is the best time to schedule my child’s appointment?

You are welcome to schedule your child’s visit anytime during our office hours that is convenient for your family. However, we do find that younger children tend to be more cooperative in the morning. Our office also accepts family block appointments, so your entire household can have their routine dental care taken care of at the same time, as long as there is always an adult available to supervise any kid(s) who are not being worked with.