Dental Technology

Dental care has been made more efficient and effective with new technology. At Curtis Family Dentistry, we embrace the new technology options that can make dental care quicker and more comfortable for our patients. We invest in dental technology to improve your overall dental experience and oral health at our office in Mooresville. Dental technology continues to advance, and using it can make coming to the dentist more enjoyable. Improved imaging is an important part of identifying dental problems in the earliest stages, reducing the time and expense needed for dental treatments. We use digital x-rays and other updated equipment to give our patients the best dental care possible. It is not just for monitoring issues in your teeth. We also use advanced technology for our oral cancer screenings and to give you more information on caring for your oral health.

Intraoral Camera

One of the advancements in dental technology that can benefit patients directly, is the intraoral camera. We use this device to share images with our patients of dental issues that Dr. Curtis identifies. A tiny hand-held digital camera relays images that the doctor can see onto a monitor, allowing you to be directly involved in your treatment plan. We want to be your partner in improving your oral and overall health, which is made easier with this digital device.

Dental Loupes

The dental loupes (magnifying devices) you see Dr. Curtis wearing may look unusual, but the right magnification, the right illumination, and high definition resolution enhance his visual acuity. Dr. Curtis completes all dental treatments using 5x magnification. This allows him to take note of the finest details, which in turn leads to a more accurate diagnosis and ultimately, high-quality, longer-lasting dental treatments. Dr. Curtis also uses a headlight to help eliminate shadows, get a better view of all areas of the mouth, and provide earlier detection of pathology.

CBCT Scanner

Our dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner is used to take precise, three-dimensional imaging of bone, soft tissues, nerve paths, and dental structures. This technology allows us to create precise, personalized treatment plans for patients and improve the accuracy of diagnoses. With the CBCT, we can assess diseases of the jaw, oral dentition, facial structure, sinuses, and nasal cavities.

iTero Scanner

Our iTero scanner is a handheld wand that takes instant digital 3D images of your teeth. We can use the 3D images for a variety of treatments that we provide, including Invisalign, veneers, bridges, crowns, and more. iTero provides unmatched accuracy and detail to provide high-end, precise results. Instead of dealing with messy impression trays, iTero is completely digital! iTero's 3D models also allow us to show patients what their teeth will look like after their treatment is complete!

Same-Day Crown Mill

We utilize the™ in-office milling unit to create and fabricate custom-designed dental crowns in a single visit! Traditional crowns can take up to two weeks from the first appointment to the final fitting. We understand that your time is valuable and regaining a functioning smile as soon as possible is the top priority. That's why we take great pride in our same-day unit. When you come in for a crown, we'll assess the tooth and use our smile preview software to map out the exact dimensions and appearance of your crown. Then, we'll use our on-site milling unique and top-quality ceramic to create your crown in-house!

Using the latest innovations in dental technology helps us reduce the time needed for most dental treatments. This allows us to see more patients and saves you time out of your day. Our goal is to make dental care as comfortable and convenient for our patients as possible for a better experience. Come join our dental family at Curtis Family Dentistry. We are always excited to have new patients come through our doors. Contact our office to set up an appointment.

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