Teeth Whitening in Mooresville, NC

When teeth become dull or stained, they no longer look youthful or attractive. Even with good oral hygiene, the foods and beverages you consume can stain your teeth. Professional teeth whitening from Curtis Family Dentistry can give you back a glowing, white smile that people will notice and remember. We offer fast cosmetic dentistry options to remove stains and bring back your dazzling smile. Red wine, tobacco, coffee, tea and even dark berries can leave their mark on your enamel. Using whitening toothpaste after every meal can help minimize stains, but it is normal for teeth to dull and become darker as you get older. To conquer tooth stains and dulling, specialized bleaching can be used to bring back the natural whiteness to your smile. Bleaching your teeth a few shades lighter can make your smile look healthier and more youthful, which most people prefer.

Professional Bleaching vs Home Whitening Products

You may wonder if it would be just as easy to whiten your teeth with many of the over-the-counter home products available. While some can do a decent job whitening your teeth, not all are effective or safe. Plus, each person is different and may have different needs for brightening their smile safely. Our professional-grade whitening products at Curtis Family Dentistry are dentist-approved. Your bleaching will be supervised by dental professionals for safety. We want to ensure you are getting the bright smile you want, quickly, while still protecting the health of your teeth. If you want a glorious smile that is free from stains and dullness, ask about our professional teeth whitening options at Curtis Family Dentistry. Contact us to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at our Mooresville office, and we can discuss the best way to brighten and whiten your smile.

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