How Do the Roots of a Tooth Become Infected?

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Ever wondered how infection can make it all the way down into the root of the tooth? Well, we’re here to tell you just how that happens, and what you can do to prevent it!

How Do the Roots of a Tooth Become Infected?

Your teeth are made up of layers. What you see on the outside of your tooth is the hard surface, the tooth’s enamel. Within that is the dentin, which is much softer, porous and sponge-like. At the center of the tooth is the pulp, which is where the nerves and blood vessels are found. When you have an infection in the root of the tooth, it’s that pulp that’s infected. That means that decay was able to eat through the enamel and make its way past the dentin to damage the tooth’s pulp.

The Importance of Oral Care

Wondering how that infection-causing bacteria is able to get through your hard enamel? It eats away over time, which means that you do have the power to stop it before it reaches the tooth’s inner pulp. There are three main things that you must do for the best chance at healthy teeth. One, maintain a healthy diet rich in whole foods, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, avoiding sugars and starches as much as possible. Two, prioritize your at-home oral hygiene, brushing at least two times a day for two minutes each time, and flossing daily. And lastly, number three, you must keep up with your biannual visits to our office for your routine cleaning and exam.

Preventative Care in Mooresville, North Carolina

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