How Same-Day Crowns Work

same-day crowns technology

In our modern world, things are getting both more convenient and more efficient. That holds true in the world of dental care, too! One example of this is with dental crowns. Nowadays, patients who need dental crowns to restore their teeth have the option of same-day crowns. The alternative would be traditional crowns, which can take multiple visits over a longer period of time. Imagine that: A renewed smile in just one visit instead of waiting weeks! Here’s how same-day crowns work:

Digital Impressions & Virtual Model

Before getting a same-day crown placed, there’s the initial preparation stage. While this is the same with traditional crowns, there are some slight differences and advantages. For starters, the same-day crown procedure starts with digital impressions instead of those pesky putty impressions that can get messy and quite frankly, feel a little uncomfortable. Once we have those digital impressions, we use the images to make a virtual model of your crown, designed to custom specifications.

On-Site Milling & Manufacturing

When the virtual model looks exactly like we want it, we move to the milling and manufacturing stage. During this part of the process with a traditional crown, we would have to send your images to an offsite lab and wait for them to create your crown and send it to us. With same-day crowns, our team can handle everything on site! The machine uses the digital images to create your crown out of a ceramic block right then and there. It’s a pretty cool piece of dental technology if we do say so ourselves.

Permanent Placement

In the final step, we take the crown we’ve just made and then place it on your tooth. That crown is the permanent one you’ll keep on so you won’t have to come back for a second visit to replace a temporary crown. That saves you time and hassle!

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