Is It Better to Whiten Teeth at the Dentist or at Home?

woman smiles after professional teeth whitening

The enamel of your teeth is naturally white, but with food stains and age, your smile darkens. If you want a beautiful white smile, what should you do? There are over-the-counter options that can help, as well as professional whitening. Which is the better choice?

Types of Teeth Stains

There are two main types of teeth stains. Outside stains are just on the surface of the tooth. They come from coffee, tea, wine, tomato sauce, and other foods. Regular professional cleanings, whitening toothpaste, and teeth whitening can lighten these stains. Stains can also affect your teeth’s dentin, which is the layer beneath the enamel. If you maintain good oral hygiene habits and protect your enamel, the stained dentin layer isn’t as visible.

At-Home Whitening

There are over-the-counter whitening products that claim to transform your smile. These include whitening strips and trays. Hydrogen peroxide is usually the main whitening ingredient. If used correctly, these products can lighten your teeth a few shades, but the results don’t last very long. While they remove some surface stains pretty well, they can only go so far.

Professional Teeth whitening

If you want a really white smile, professional teeth whitening is the best choice. The ingredients used in our office are more powerful and capable of breaking down deeper stains. The treatment is also perfectly safe and tailored to your whitening goals. While professional whitening is more expensive than products you buy in the store, the results are more impressive and longer-lasting.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Curtis Family Dentistry

At our Mooresville office, our dentists want to give every patient the smile of their dreams. If your teeth are dull and stained, at-home teeth whitening products can help a little. Professional teeth whitening, however, provides a more dramatic transformation. If that’s something you’re interested in, please let us know at your next routine cleaning!

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