Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

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Quick – when’s the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth? If you can’t remember off the top of your head, that’s a definite sign it’s time to clean your canine’s canines! Just like with humans, good preventive care is incredibly important to maintain your furry friend’s oral and overall health.

4 Tips to Care for Your Dog’s Teeth

Because Dr. Curtis and the rest of our team know that our patients often consider their pets to be beloved members of the family, today we want to share a few tips on caring for your dog’s oral health.

1. Start Young & Make It Positive

Getting your pup accustomed to oral care from a young age will make it easier on them (and you!). Be sure to reward them with a treat, a walk, or a belly rub so they learn to have a “paw-sitive” association with getting their teeth brushed.

2. Use the Right Tools

While pet stores sell toothbrushes designed for dogs, you can also use a child’s toothbrush or even a piece of gauze in a pinch. Just make sure that whatever you use can reach all corners of their mouth!

Buy a specially-formulated enzymatic dog toothpaste. They come in flavors that will be tasty to your pooch, like chicken and bacon. Be sure to stay away from human toothpaste and baking soda because these will harm your dog!

Dental chew treats are a great supplement to your dog’s oral care by freshening their breath and breaking up plaque between brushings.

3. Be Gentle, Patient & Consistent

Brush your dog’s teeth like you would your own – gentle and thorough. If your dog can’t tolerate getting their entire mouth brushed at once, it’s okay to divide and conquer by brushing the top teeth one day and the bottom teeth the next. Ideally, brush your dog’s teeth every day, but at least several times a week.

4. Regularly Take Your Pup to the Vet

Proper preventive care will help ensure that your dog’s teeth are healthy and strong as they age, and this includes yearly checkups by a professional. In addition to regular brushing, your vet will likely recommend a professional cleaning for your pet at least once per year.

Remember to Care for Your Own Smile!

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