Is Water Flossing Really Better Than Traditional Flossing?

traditional dental floss

While flossing is often overlooked, it’s an extremely important part of a good oral hygiene routine. In fact, without flossing, you miss cleaning 40 percent of your tooth’s surface! Flossing does the dirty work behind removing sticky bacteria in the form of plaque from your teeth and protecting you from tooth decay. Today, we want to take a closer look at the different flossing tools on the market to help you decide which is best for you and your family.

Traditional Dental Floss

Standard dental floss is cheap and effective. You can use it to clean the spaces between each tooth as well as to scrape clean the sides of your teeth. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors, from the traditional peppermint to the surprising bacon-flavored option. There are even environmentally-friendly floss options made from silk!

While traditional floss is effective in cleaning teeth, some people have a hard time maneuvering dental floss — especially for those hard-to-reach molars. In that case, an alternative flossing option may be a better choice.

Floss Picks & Holders

Luckily, dental technology has evolved to make flossing easier than ever before. Products like dental floss picks and holders allow you to easily clean between teeth on the go without struggling to use slippery floss. These tools are great options for those with limited dexterity, or with braces or retainers that make flossing more difficult.

Water Pick

Water Picks use a stream of water to remove food debris from your teeth. They can even help remove bacteria below the gumline. While these gadgets do help clean teeth and gums, they generally are not a substitute for traditional floss. If you do use a water pick, you should still supplement with traditional floss to ensure you’re removing bacteria and food particles between teeth.

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