Tooth Pain Relief

One of the top reasons our patients call our office for an unexpected appointment is due to tooth pain. When a toothache strikes, it can impact your concentration, sleep and make you miserable until it is remedied. The good news is most tooth pain can be quickly relieved with a visit to our office for the proper general dental treatment. We offer emergency dental appointments, often the same day you call, to help stop tooth pain and get you back to enjoying your life. Tooth pain can be sharp, throbbing or come and go for a variety of dental issues. Sensitivity to hot, cold or pressure can be a sign of a crack or chip in the enamel. Deep, throbbing tooth pain can be an infected tooth or severe decay. Whatever the situation, Dr. Curtis can perform a thorough exam and isolates the problem. Most treatments can be performed the same day you come in to give you fast relief from your dental issue.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Another common complaint and catalyst for a call to our office is jaw pain. An aching jaw can make it uncomfortable to chew, smile or converse. There is usually a dental problem causing the pain. This is whether it is an issue with the jaw joint or misalignment of your bite. To treat jaw pain, Dr. Curtis will examine your teeth and jaw for the cause of your discomfort and then offer a treatment option to give you relief. Jaw pain can be more complex than tooth pain, but there are remedies to help improve your comfort level. When you have tooth or jaw pain, contact our office in Mooresville immediately. We will find an appointment that will work with your schedule, with same day appointments available in some cases. Our office accepts several different dental insurance plans. We also have payment options to help you fit an unexpected dental visit into your budget.

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