Tooth Extractions

Whenever possible, it is important to save your natural teeth with general dentistry. Even with incredible restorations like dental implants, your natural teeth are the best option for your oral health. However, not all teeth can be saved when they are broken or diseased. Plus, some teeth may pose a risk to your health. When a tooth extraction is necessary, our team at Curtis Family Dentistry offers a calm, relaxing environment with excellent dental care to remove your problem tooth.

Many teeth that are infected, decayed or broken can be repaired. Dr. Curtis will always look at all options for treatment before recommending extraction. Root canals can save many teeth that in the past would have been removed, and dental crowns can restore many broken teeth. When the tooth is beyond repair or poses a risk to your health, Dr. Curtis and our dental team can carefully remove it with as little discomfort as possible.

Gentle Tooth Removal

No one wants to have a tooth removed, even when it is causing pain or other problems. We understand that tooth extractions can be stressful, especially for our patients that have some level of dental anxiety. We take the time to make certain you will be comfortable for your procedure and will not experience any pain while we remove your problem tooth. Our dental team will ensure you have the proper care instructions to help you recover quickly with as little discomfort as possible.

You can trust our compassionate team at Curtis Family Dentistry to make sure you feel comfortable whenever you come to us for dental care, especially for tooth extractions. Contact us today to schedule an exam to evaluate your painful or problem tooth. We will determine whether it can be saved or if you need a tooth removal procedure.

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