Convenient Scheduling!

Time is a valuable commodity in today’s busy world. Dental care can seem like one more distraction or responsibility that you need to fit into an already tight schedule. Your oral health is important, and you need to protect it for your overall well-being. At Curtis Family Dentistry, we understand that you have limited time for dental care, which is why we offer convenient scheduling options that fit into your hectic lifestyle. Most people are booked solid from morning to evening, making it hard to find time to spend on the phone making dental appointments. To make it easier to schedule appointments, we have online booking that you can do at a convenient time. We have many time options, and you can use our online system day or night. You can also call one of our team members, and let them know what works best for you. They will have a solution to fit your schedule to ensure you and your family get the dental care you need.

Family Block Dental Appointments

When you are a parent, it is difficult enough to find time to get in for your own dental care, much less work around different school schedules and activities for the kids. To help make it easier, we have family block appointments, so everyone in your family can receive the dental care they need at one time. This can save you hours of traveling back and forth to our office. Plus, it is a simple way to stay on top of regular cleanings and checkups for the whole family if everyone comes together. We try to make dental care as simple, comfortable and convenient as possible at Curtis Family Dentistry. When you need a special appointment, even the same day, contact our office. We have many scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle and financial plans to fit your budget.

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