Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth has interior decay, infection or damage, it can be at risk for loss. Often the only option to save a diseased tooth is the general dentistry treatment known as root canal therapy. By removing the diseased portion of pulp from inside the root canals, further damage to the tooth can be stopped. This is along with any pain that has been caused by the infection. At Curtis Family Dentistry, we can help save infected teeth and relieve severe tooth pain with root canal therapy at our clinic in Mooresville. Root canals are performed by opening the cusp or top of the tooth and cleaning out the tooth root chambers, or canals, of diseased material. This includes the pulp and nerves, removing the source of pain for the tooth. Once all the infected tooth material is gone, the canal is disinfected to kill infection and packed with a sterilized dental substance. The cusp is sealed, and in most cases, a dental crown is fitted for the tooth to protect the weakened structure.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Most people with an infected tooth that needs a root canal come to us because they are in pain. The infection can cause inflammation or an abscess that can put pressure on the nerve root, causing severe pain. Root canal therapy can usually be performed in one visit to remove the infected material. It may be necessary to have follow up appointments to inspect the tooth and add a permanent crown. The procedure is often no more uncomfortable than receiving fillings or other tooth repairs. It can stop the severe pain and allow the tooth to heal. If you have severe tooth pain, you may have a damaged or infected tooth that needs a root canal. Protect your smile, and get relief from your dental pain by contacting Curtis Family Dentistry today. We accept many different insurance plans and offer a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere to repair your painful tooth.

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