Teeth Bonding

When a tooth has been damaged or needs to be reshaped, dental bonding can be used to add artificial tooth material. Composite resin is a durable material that can be color-matched to the tooth and added to repair chips or cracks, as well as reshape teeth for cosmetic purposes. Our team at Curtis Family Dentistry offers dental bonding as a general dental treatment for our patients that need repairs or changes to their teeth but want to maintain a white smile. Dental bonding uses resin that is applied as a putty-like substance and adhered to the tooth surface. The resin is then cured, or hardened, to create a durable surface. The dental resin we use is specially formulated to create a surface that can withstand normal wear and tear from chewing and pressure. It is also white and blends with the color of your smile, so repairs are not noticeable. Bonding is often used for small cracks or chips in the teeth when a filling is not appropriate.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Since the resin used in dental bonding can replace tooth material, it can be used to cover dental flaws that impact the beauty of your smile. Cosmetic dental bonding can change the shape of your teeth or cover discolorations that are resistant to whitening procedures. The benefit of dental bonding over other cosmetic procedures, like veneers, is that it can be completed in one day and is usually less expensive. This is perfect for anyone that quickly wants to change the look of their smile, such as hiding gaps or fixing a chipped tooth. When you need a tooth repaired or want to change the look of your smile through dental bonding, come see us at Curtis Family Dentistry. We offer a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for all your general dentistry needs. Contact us today to get started!

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