Our COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Curtis Family Dentistry has always followed the strict health and safety guidelines outlined by both the CDC and OSHA. To further protect our patients and staff, our team has recently implemented several new safety protocols to keep our practice as clean as possible and to help prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you need clarification about any of our new procedures, feel free to contact our front office so we can offer more information.

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Checking In

Our team is reducing the number of people who are in our waiting room at one time by asking patients to wait in their vehicles until we are ready to see them. We are also asking patients to refrain from bringing additional friends or family members with them to appointments or have them wait in the car. Once you enter our practice, we will ask you to answer a few screening questions about any symptoms you may be experiencing and whether or not you have come in contact with COVID-19 recently. Then, we will check your temperature with a forehead thermometer to ensure that it falls within a healthy range.

Our Office

We have installed multiple HEPA air filters throughout the office that constantly filter the air. Each machine is designed to clean all of the air in the office every hour, killing and removing airborne viruses and bacteria. Our practice also has an ozone generator that is used after the office closes every night to safely and effectively sanitize the air throughout the office. Our team will be wearing enhanced PPE, including face shields and masks at all times. We are also continuing to disinfect and sanitize our enter practice frequently and thoroughly every day.


When you come into your treatment room, we will ask you to remove your face mask and rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. This is a safe way to kill any viruses that may be present and prevent them from becoming airborne once your treatment begins. We are also asking patients to wash their hands at the beginning and end of every appointment. A high-speed suction device will be utilized during all aerosol-producing procedures to further reduce the number of viruses that become airborne. This helps protect both our staff and patients with upcoming appointments.

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